Environmental and Social ​Contractor Management E-learning Course

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has developed an Environmental & Social Contractor Management E-learning Course with objective to support its Clients in management of the large civil engineering works in line with EBRD Environmental and Social Policy and Performance Requirements.

The course has been designed by environmental, social, health and safety specialists to provide:

  • general overview of EBRD requirements and drivers for minimisation of EHS risks during construction;
  • practical application of specific requirements in regards to labour, health and safety, biodiversity protection, pollution prevention, etc;
  • build Client’s capacity to manage the contractual obligations and oversee execution of Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAP), Construction Environmental and Social Management Plans (CESMP) and other contractor performance related requirements in the context of projects financed by EBRD.

This component of the project is supported by Italy through the Central European Initiative (CEI) Fund.

  • Languages available: English, Serbian
  • Time to complete: approx. 6-8 weeks
  • 100% online: start instantly and learn at your own speed
  • 16 video-modules, 60+ reading materials, 7 quizzes, 1 Final Test
  • Certification by EBRD

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Environmental and Social Safeguards, Performance Requirements and EBRD Approach

Video 1.1 Environmental & Social ​Contractor Management in Western Balkans - Introduction

Video 1.2 Environmental and Social Safeguards and EBRD Approach

Video 1.3 Environmental and Social​ Performance Requirements

Reading Materials

Module 1 Quiz

Video 2.1 Environmental, Social and Health and Safety Management - Management Systems in the Context of Construction Works

Video 2.2 Environmental, Social and Health and Safety Management - Roles and Responsibilities of Contracting Parties

Reading Materials

Module 2 Quiz

Video 3.1 Environmental Issues - Environmental Risks

Video 3.2 Environmental Issues - Examples of Construction Practices

Video 3.3 Environmental Issues - Waste Management and Supply Chain Management

Reading Materials

Module 3 Quiz

Video 4.1 Labour and Working Conditions

Video 4.2 Stakeholder Engagement and Grievance Management

Reading Materials 1

Reading Materials 2

Module 4 Quiz

Video 5.1 Introduction to Health and Safety & Occupational Health and Safety

Video 5.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response

Reading Materials 1

Video 5.3 Community Health and Safety and Traffic Management

Video 5.4 EBRD PR 4 Other Specific Requirements

Reading Materials 2

Module 5 Quiz

Video 6 COVID-19 Management

Reading Materials

Module 6 Quiz

Video 7 Project Environmental and Social Monitoring

Reading Materials

Module 7 Quiz

Final Test

Final Test

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