Labour and Working Conditions E-learning Course

About the Course 

This E-learning course has been developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to provide comprehensive guidance on how the Bank's clients can implement Performance Requirement 2 (PR2) on Labour and Working Conditions. The course covers a range of the standards and core issues covered under EBRD's PR2. 

Not every module will be relevant to each participant and modules do not need to be completed consecutively. However, each element of the course is required to be taken sequentially, starting with the module video. The quiz will become available only when all module elements have been completed. Certificate at the end is NOT awarded. 

  • Languages available: English, Russian (coming soon)
  • Complete any module at any time 
  • Time to complete: up to 40 min per module
  • 100% online: start instantly and learn at your own speed
  • 13 video-modules, 50+ reading materials, 5 video case studies, 13 quizzes

Course Curriculum

Video Explainer: Grievance Mechanisms

Reading Materials

Module 4: Quiz

Video Explainer: Contractor Management

Reading Materials

Module 7: Quiz

Video Explainer: Worker Accommodation

Reading Materials

Module 10: Quiz

Video Explainer: Supply Chains

Reading Materials

Module 13: Quiz