Road Safety Engineering E-learning Course

About the Course 

This Road Safety Engineering E-learning Course has been developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to provide comprehensive guidance on how ensure road development projects prioritise safety for all road users. It aims to give road engineers, designers and planners a robust introduction to the fundamental principles of good road safety engineering and auditing based on a Safe System Approach. 

The high-quality content, developed in collaboration with global road safety and engineering experts, covers 15 core topics related to road safety engineering and audit from speed management to stakeholder engagement to climate resilience. It provides participants with an understanding of the different measures essential for well-functioning road infrastructure safety management as required under EU Directive 2008/96/EC on Road Infrastructure Safety Management.

{Update October 2021: Serbian version of the e-learning course added.}

{Update July 2021: Module 1 updated with the latest information on Decade of Action on Road Safety 2021-2030; Module 2 and Module 6 slides corrected/updated; Module 2 quiz questions corrected.}

  • Languages available: English, Russian, Serbian
  • Time to complete: approx. 1.5-2 weeks
  • 100% online: start instantly and learn at your own speed
  • 15 video-modules, 50+ reading materials, 2 video case studies, 15 quizzes, 1 Final Test
  • Certification by EBRD

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Road Safety Engineering E-learning Course


Introduction by EBRD

Module 1 - Introduction to Global Road Safety


Global Road Safety

Reading Materials

Module 1 Quiz


A Systematic Approach to Road Safety

Reading Materials

Module 2 Quiz


Introduction to Road Safety Engineering

Reading Materials

Module 3 Quiz


Crash Causation


Case Study - Jane's Story

Reading Materials

Module 4 Quiz


Road Safety Engineering Measures: Speed Management

Reading Materials

Module 5 Quiz


Road Safety Engineering Measures: Forgiving Roadsides and Cross-Sections

Reading Materials

Module 6 Quiz


Road Safety Engineering Measures: Intersection Safety

Reading Materials

Module 7 Quiz


Road Safety Engineering Measures: Effective Road Signs and Street Lighting

Reading Materials

Module 8 Quiz


Designing for All: Accessibility and Vulnerable Road Users

Reading Materials

Module 9 Quiz


Case Study - Safety at Road Works


Safety at Road Works

Reading Materials

Module 10 Quiz


Responding to Existing Road Safety Problems: Effective Black Spot Programmes

Reading Materials

Module 11 Quiz


Including Road Safety Considerations in New Projects: Introduction to RSA/RSI

Reading Materials

Module 12 Practical Exercise


Economics of Road Safety

Reading Materials

Module 13 Quiz


Climate Resilience and Road Safety Engineering

Reading Materials

Module 14 Quiz


Stakeholder Engagement

Reading Materials

Module 15 Quiz

Final Test

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